Is your Google Adwords Campaign an "Under Achiever"?

There are not many marketing strategies than can succeed to flood your business within just 30 minutes...

It is complicated, it involves a long learning curve, and most advertisers feel extremely overwhelmed when they just start out. How do you choose the right keywords? How high to bid? Can I write compelling ad copy? How can I avoid wasting money? Many newbies spend enormous amounts learning the ropes, and unfortunately with very poor results. It is estimated that as many as 95% of adwords advertisers are running poorly optimized campaigns.

How can you know if your campaign is an "under-achiever" ?

1. How long did it take to setup, test, and optimize your campaign? up to 1 hour
2. How many negative keywords do you have? none
3. How many Ad Groups do you have? 1 3+ per campaign
4. When your keywords are searched, how many display highlighted in bold in the headlines? 0-30% 60-100%
5. How many test ads do you have? none
2-3 per ad group

Would you believe that less than 5% of campaigns meet these minimum standards?

Most Adwords campaigns are set up by amateurs, not professionals.

Use a Google Adwords Professional...

  • Appear on the 1st page of Google's Search Network for your best key phrases, optimized according to google's standards, thus saving you money on every click.
  • Achieve high CTR (click thru rates) with proper optimization, eg. relevant ad groupings as well as compelling ad copy, thus saving you money.
  • Screen out irrelevant traffic by proper optimization and generous researching and addition of important negative keywords, thus saving you money.
  • Increase your CTR additionally with display url optimization, thus saving...

Using a Professional generally saves you money. Did we mention that? Additionally, we've found that the "intelligence" gathered from the savy use of Google Adwords is a more cost efficient method to do "keyword research" for SEO, search engine optimization of your website. If you opt into our monthly SEO plan...we will create new content pages for you, optimized for your "money keywords". The end result generally is free traffic to your site via the organic search listings. When this happens, its a great feeling, not to mention a great savings.