5 Ways NOT to Manage your Adwords Campaign

  • Campaign creation without planning.

Setting up a Google AdWords campaign requires careful planning and research. The quality scoring algorithm used requires relevance from searched keyword to ad copy to landing page. This is called "laser relevance", and Google awards advertisers with a higher "quality score", and lower costs per click.

  • Do Not set your Daily Budget below Google’s Recommendation.
By setting your daily budget too low, you may inadvertently hurting your campaign’s effectiveness. We aim to spend only as much as 80% of your daily budget, and never to exhaust the budget before 10 pm.

If we need to lower your overall daily expenditure, we first remove some of your more general, higher-demand keywords.
  • Do NOT use position preference to achieve a 1-3 ranking.
AdWords will try to show your ad whenever it is ranked in your preferred position, and to avoid showing it when it is not. Do you really want that to happen? Let us note that setting a position preference can sharply reduce the number of impressions and clicks you receive for that keyword. On the other hand, we do not want to appear on page 2 of sponsored links! We accomplish this by actively optimizing your campaign, not only for relevance, but also for position rankings.
  • Do NOT enable Content within your search campaigns!
If you want to use the content network we copy your search campaign and set up an entirely new campaign specifically for content, and keep it separate from your search campaign. We do this in order to keep a clear and distinct record for search or content campaigns. Our goal is to exceed a minimum of .5% CTR on all search campaigns.