Google Adwords Refresher Service - $100 - $300

Is your Adwords account out of date? Have your ads stopped performing? Is your average ad position on page two? If your Google Adwords advertising campaign has been neglected of late, we can give it a thorough refresher to help improve your CTR (click thru rate), boost conversions, lower your spending and increase your ROI.

For only $100 - $300 we can give your existing Google Adwords account a complete overhaul to make sure it's performance is up to snuff, including the following services:

  • Review and adjust your campaign settings, to your preference.
  • Review your existing keywords and research new phrases.
  • Ad additional adverts to make them more effective, and implement different advert versions for you to test.
  • Implement conversion tracking so you can see which AdGroups are most profitable.
  • Review and report on your landing pages to help increase your quality score, which will ultimately lower your cpc and increase your ad's position (ranking) with adwords as well as natural search engine results. (organic listings)
  • Tweak your cost per clicks, campaign budgets and daily budgets

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