Joint Venture Internet Marketing

its a "win-win"

you receive:
  • Professional Google Ads setup - $300 value
  • Two months Google Ads optimization - $200 value
  • Initial consultation and brainstorming - $200 value
  • Website SEO for organic/free rankings - $500 value
  • Affordable ongoing SEO and Ads optimization opt in ...
  • Our package deals - $100 - $1,500 (you only pay this)
We first build a master keyword list (MKL). We then research supply and demand on these keywords. Then we use these results to build your Adwords Campaign, the first step towards free rankings. We do our best to offer you long-term traffic success with proper "site blue-printing" and search engine keyword optimization, so that we both can benefit from "free traffic". We call this Joint Venture Internet Marketing.

Win - Win.

We jumpstart your traffic with PPC (pay per click).

Within 3-6 months we want to see you ranking on the first page, for free, for one or more the key phrases we chose from our keyword research stage.

Many times people will build a fancy website, paying lots of money, without thinking about market research or website promotion. We believe in simple... whether your goal is...
  • site blueprinting before building out your website
  • simple online presence for small business
  • having us partner with you to build out a profitable site
  • "burning question" campaigns
We look forward to hearing from you.