The Simple - Terms Of Service

  • Due to this extremely affordable package ... Zetz designers will use their judgment alone in the use of supplied content, in the overall design and custom header created. Pictures/logos that are sent at the beginning of the process will be considered and used according to the personal judgment of our Zetz designers.
  • The client is obligated to email their content (wording) before payment. Although this basic package does NOT include copy editing, we will be happy to check for grammatical and spelling errors.
  • PPC (pay per click) shows your website ad on the first page of the Google's search results page, as well as Google's search partners like ICQ, AOL, MySpace, About, ect... The client is required to open a separate Google account and pay for these ad clicks directly to Google.
  • Another reason why we are able to offer this package so affordably is that we also benefit by you allowing us to place our Zetz banner as well as other ads on your web page. See examples.
  • "The Simple Zetz" plan is performed in a one time session, therefore the customer is encouraged to organize all information, designs, logos, pictures and details he/she wants on the web page before signing up, and emailing it to ZETZ .
  • Modifications and/or extra work thereafter will be charged by the hour. $35/hr
*remember, you will be granted author access, and you will be able to edit pages yourself.