What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO is the process by which traffic to a web site is generated by search engines by way of search results. The quality of visitor traffic to a site can is measured by analyzing how often a visitor actually performs a purchase, download materials, request information, or interact with the site in a way that indicates interest in the site. This is known as the “conversion rate”.
  • SEO is a form of marketing using the knowledge of how search engine algorithms work combined with the understanding of what internet surfers might search for. The goal is to create a web site that contains words and phrases that people will likely search for when interested in information that is presneted on your web site.
  • SEO makes sure that a web site is accessible to the search engines and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine.
  • SEO is the process of analyzing a web site and enable search engines to read it and index it. Not rewriting the web site or changing the design. It is making little changes, adding or modifying visible and invisible text in order to make it compatible with the search engines.
  • SEO has become absolutely necessary for every web site on the internet. Many web sites are created with Flash, Java and images all of which are invisible to search engine spiders and so they ignore them. If the content on a web site is invisible then the search engines can't index it or read it properly, If a web site isn't indexed then no one will find it searching Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. If the web site isn't found then all the hard work and money spent creating it is in vain.