Advertising With Google Sponsored Links


Get the most effective exposure on Google's first page within a week!

We are going to build and optimize a high quality Google Adwords Campaign for you until you start getting a steady flow of clients from the internet. The text ads we'll write for you will bring you new quality leads of potential clients that were looking for you and only found your competitors!

Process of Building your Campaign:

  • Creating a master list of keywords that will make our ads show on Google when your potential clients use them to search for you.
  • Building the technical part of the campaign in the Google Adwords system.
  • Writing creative text ads while focusing on the keywords representing your business in order to attract only potential clients to click on your ads. The ads are written be a copy writer who specializes in writing Google Ads.
  • Split Testing Ads- In order to get the best results we write many versions of ads and test to see which one brings the best results.
  • Bid Management - Making sure you aren't paying Google more than you have to by Keeping a sharp eye on all of your Max CPC's (Cost Per Click).
  • Ongoing Tracking & Optimization - Finding the most profitable keywords of your business and deleting the ones that are losing.
PPC Campaigns are charged separately by Google for the cost of clicks and by PPCPROZ for the setup, management and ongoing optimization.