What to Ask a PPC Agency - 5 Questions White Paper

Before choosing a PPC agency, ask the following 5 questions:

1. Do you recommend beginning with pay per click or organic search marketing?

By starting with Paid Search, you will gain explicit data on which key phrases convert into leads and sales; we call these "money keywords". The PPC process finds the most profitable key phrases; the ones that bring you valuable business. Use this valuable data to then target key phrases for a natural SEO campaign. We suggest always beginning with PPC before SEO.

PPCPROZ specializes only in PPC, and we ????liaison with another search marketing firm that engages in organic, or free search results marketing.

2. How extensively do you perform keyword research, and what are the considerations you use when choosing which keywords to bid on?

The most significant advantage of Paid Search Advertising is that you can bid on a very large group of keywords, and track them down to the individual keyword level. There is only a charge if the ad is clicked. The primary factors PPCPROZ considers when doing an initial evaluation of key phrases are: search volume, competitors, bid price, and relevancy. Keywords (2-4 word phrases) can be informational or known as "buying" keyword phrases. PPCPROZ is very careful about bidding on "research" or "information" keywords, but we do not rule them out either. With the aid conversion reports, we weed out the non-performers, so you won't be paying for useless clicks for very long. We call this our "cut off" report.

3. Have you managed large accounts with large number of keywords?

PPCPROZ has managed large accounts with close to 100, 000 keywords, and over 400 adgroups per campaign, across the world, and in foreign languages. Our staff understands every available option of the system, enabling you to pinpoint your ideal prospect. Did you know, you can have your ads appear: only during business hours, at the city level, and only to people whose browser is setup for Chinese, although they may be searching using English terms? In this case, we would setup your ads in English, in the same language they used when searching. Google's content network has recently improved, allowing us to target ads to relevant pages, as well as specific demographic criteria.

4. Do you prefer to use Broad Match or Narrow Match?

PPCPROZ is not afraid to bid on broad keywords. Broad keywords are generally considered "very dangerous", as you may be paying for clicks on "similar" keywords which in reality are not at all relevant to your business model. PPCPROZ regularly runs search reports, utilizing both adwords search query reporting, as well as Google Analytics Sleuth Script reporting. We have our eyes wide open, updating our client's negative filters on a weekly basis. We have found broad match to be extremely profitable, in the "long tail", when used wisely.

5. How do you test and measure results?

PPCPROZ performs daily bids management during the initial stages. Thereafter, we optimize bids twice weekly, and optimize ads once per week, rotating the ads evenly. We setup and optimize for a profitable campaign, according to the client's goals, eg. leads or sales. Campaigns or adgroups that are not performing well may be paused/deleted, or adjusted accordingly. PPCPROZ realizes that our client's success is our guarantee to a continued profitable relationship. The PPCPROZ team uses web analytics tools, and we provide detailed monthly reports, with an emphasis on action insights and monthly goals.

We hope this short "insiders look" into PPC advertising has helped you better understand the pitfalls as well as the opportunities that await you with pay per click search marketing.

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